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    March 05, 2018


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    March 05, 2018

    Post by Cheriblossom on Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:00 pm

    I saw my dad sitting with a crowd of strangers in a place that I’ve never seen before. I asked my dad if he wanted something to drink so I could go get it for him. After I got him his drink, I wandered around checking out the place.

    After that, I walked past by a stairway and saw a really cute guy who was was checking out on me. I kinda flirted( not my nature in real life) in daring him a race game to the top of the stairs. I cheated by running on the stairs at my count of 2, but didn’t Win.

    I finally got on top and saw the whole beautiful world. I then remembered asking Hubby if He wanted to tour the place and he said no so I decided to tour with this cute guy since he volunteered. We took a train and got into the city. As I was walking, I noticed my work drawer’s key was missing so I turned back looking for it, with the guy’s help. A while later, I reached inside my pocket to find it there.

    We continued walking and in my mind, I was thinking of all the beautiful pics I’d be showing to Hubby later and what he was missing out. I took my camera out, started flashing happily then the guy who was very happy started to put his arm on my shoulder and gave me a sweet peck on my cheek.

    I pulled away and told him that I’m married. He got upset then disappeared. I was not worried cuz I knew I could find my way back home . I walked on the street and was surprised that there weren’t many people around. It was dusk with a slight fog. I used my instinct and chose left. I kept walking then start seeing many people waiting at the train station.

    That’s when I saw the cute guy who sat on the other side of the station. He waved to me and told me that this is the right tram to get back.

    That’s when I woke up.

    I need to write down what I see in my nightly dreams because that could be a part of my intuition that’s trying to tell me something.

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